The online voting for the Audience Award is now open. You can vote for your favourite documentaries and fiction films. For your access it is necessary to register on our website (User's registration, Instructions).

After registering and connecting using your registration's details, the selection "Live Festival" will appear on the website's menu, through which you will be able to watch all the documentaries and fiction films of the "8th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards" and of the "2nd International Film Festival of Crete & Awards". 

On the right column of each page (for computers) or the bottom of each page (for mobiles) of any category of "LIVE FESTIVAL", the names of the documentaries and the fiction films appear. You can vote from 1 up to 3 films in each category. The results of the audience's voting will be posted on Saturday August 21st in our website's announcements.


vote example