For 14 days we will all be together again, hand in hand, in the summer cinemas, in the dark screening rooms, we will open the microphones on stage again, keeping company with the cinephile, who always rewards us with laughter, hugs, applause, communicating containers in the cinema in the big squares, from the Coastal Square of Ierapetra Town Hall to the Venetian Fortress and the Mosque, here in the South, at the crossroads of Cultures and Continents, where East and West meet, the Mediterranean with the Balkans, Europe with Asia and Africa.

From Akritiki Ierapetra of the South we will offer to the cinema lovers of our country and the planet a summer outing, for the winters and springs that we lost due to the pandemic, through live and Online screenings of movies with live streaming rebroadcasts, with music and dance events, concerts, masterclass, painting and photography competitions, multicultural events.

A multi-collection program for live and online, with actions, competitive screenings, parallel, regional and international events, the Ierapetra Film Market, Co-producers Forum, Online Tribute "Greek Cinema" (we will see more and better cinema), celebration of culture (Minoan Paths, dramatic representations), workshops, masterclasses, painting and photography exhibition and competition, livestreaming screenings, concerts, interactive events for children - symbolic anniversary of "200 years since the revolution" screening of the Festivals in the action calendar of Greece 2021.

On August 7, at 9 pm, the great Greek composer Stavros Xarchakos and the artistic director Eleni Vlassi open the curtain of the Festivals, live and with livestreaming broadcast worldwide, from the coastal square of Ierapetra.

At the Opening Ceremony of the "8th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards" and the "2nd International Film Festival of Crete & Awards", there will be music and dance events, interactive events of Minoan culture and the Symbolic Anniversary of the 21st anniversary of Greece , a pillar of Greek Music with a huge contribution to the music of Greek cinema.

Artists and groups participating in the concert: Panteris Psaros group "South Winds", George Loutsetis, Eleftheria Kokotsaki, Alexandros Lyra-a, Giannis Psyllakis group "South", Thodoris Sampiotakis, Dimitris Mastorakis, the group "The Nikos and Manos Epitropakis, Music School of the Municipality of Ierapetra and the dance group of Dimitris Kaparakis.

After the concert, the "8th International Ierapetra Documentary Festival & Awards" dedicated to "Health and the Insurance System", will screen the documentary "Pandemic" by Eleni Vlassi.

Biographies of artists:

biopanteris 3 Panteris Psaros "South Winds" band  More here

Γιώργος Λουτσέτης σόλο George Loutsetis More here

Ελευθερία Κοκοτσάκη Γιώργος Λουτσέτης Eleftheria Kokotsaki More here

IMG 5198 Alexander Lyra-a   More here

FB IMG 1626609509391 Giannis Psyllakis "South" band  

kallitexnes The "band" Nikos Mastorakis, Manolis Liapakis, Nikos and Manos Epitropakis


Music School of the Municipality of Ierapetra
Contemporary song section

maria-galymitaki.jpg Song: Maria Galymitaki More here

maria-galymitaki.jpg Electric guitar: George Tsagarakis More here

troxo kaparakis4 The dance group of Dimitris Kaparakis