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Press release

Amorgos July 31, 2021

The Cultural Association of Women of Amorgos, and the Municipality of Amorgos, co-organize on an annual basis the International Amorgos Tourism Film Festival, a member of the International CIFFT Federation and lasts five days, with daily screenings of competing films, and many interesting presentations by important

Speakers, from the Greek and international space, on issues of Cinema, environment, and tourism development.

Short tourist films are a wonderful way to highlight important issues and promote the cultural and environmental wealth of each region motivated by sustainable development. Every year more than 100 invited journalists, photojournalists, producers, directors and organizers of other Festivals, participate in the Amorgos Festival, and become promotional helpers and ambassadors of our place, for visiting our islands for tourist, professional and creative reasons.

The 12th Amorgos Tourism Film Festival collaborates for the first time with the 8th Ierapetra International Documentary Festival and the 2nd International Film Festival of Crete, in the context of film exchange in order to promote the cultural and environmental heritage as well as the development of the tourist product of the regions. and Greece in general.

During the 12th Amorgos Tourism Film Festival, from November 4 to 9, a Film Academy for young filmmakers is organized.