Cosmic Candy (2021)

Fiction | 01:35:00

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Anna, a lonely and quirky supermarket cashier, is forced to take under her protection the ten-year-old girl in the next apartment, after the mysterious disappearance of his father. At the same time, she is negotiating her possible dismissal and a romantic romance for the first time in her life. And all this under the influence of an excessive amount of Cosmic Candy, the candy that pops in the mouth.


Director: Ρηνιώ Δραγασάκη

Production company: Βlonde, Εx Νihilo, Faliro House, ΕΚΚ, ΕΡΤ

Producer: Φένια Κοσοβίτσα

Co-producers: Patrick Sobelman, Χρήστος Β. Κωνσταντακόπουλος

Writer: Κατερίνα Κακλαμάνη, Ρηνιώ Δραγασάκη

Director of Photography: Χρήστος Καραμάνης GSC

Music: Felizol

Montage: Πάνος Βουτσαράς

Sound: Δημήτρης Κανελλόπουλος, Milk Audio, Simon Apostolou

Scene designer: Σταύρος Λιόκαλος

Art Director: Πηνελόπη Βαλτή

Costumes: Άλκηστη Μάμαλη

Makeup: Ιωάννα Λυγίζου

Special effects: Γιώργος & Ρούλης Αλαχούζοι

Visual effects: Γιάννης Αγελαδόπουλος / Kinematic

Cast and crew:
Μαρία Κίτσου, Μάγια Πιπερά, Κίμωνας Κουρής, Δημήτρης Λάλος, Δημήτρης Δρόσος, Φώτης Θωμαϊδης, Εύη Δοβέλου, Elena Mirtchofska, Αντώνης Τσιοτσιόπουλος

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