My name (2021)

Short Documentary | 33:00

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An abstract journey through space, time, an extroverted introspection. Thousands of years of history, one place, two people, infinite references, specific or not. Something that started as a challenge and yet evolved into a long-term search: the renaissance Nancy Diomantaraki who breathed a sigh of relief by interpreting the dramatized documentary "my name", while signing a research-text by Matthew Kapetanakis who composed the audiovisual work. They roamed Crete for over five years, from end to end, chasing moments of reconstitution of its identity.
Images - sounds from natural or man-made landscapes, archival material and works of art, which give form, 200 years after the Greek revolution to something more primitive and which defined aspects of the "is" and the searches of residents and visitors in this area of Greece, through time and today. Despite the "thousand waves" that hit her and hit her every day, the various conquerors, she managed to keep "her name" ...


Director: Ματθαίος Καπετανάκης

Producer: Ματθαίος Καπετανάκης

Writer: Νάνσυ Διομανταράκη

Director of Photography: Ματθαίος Καπετανάκης

Editor: Ματθαίος Καπετανάκης

Sound Engineer: Ματθαίος Καπετανάκης

Sound Designer: Ματθαίος Καπετανάκης

Cast and crew: Νάνσυ Διομανταράκη


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