menos deliotzakis

French composer

Music studies:

  • 1958-1962: at the Anze Music School 49
  • 1962-1968: guitar solo studies. 1969-1970: Participates in the military band
  • 1971-1975: Participates in guitar seminars with Ronald Dien (Professor at the National Higher Conservatory, Paris), with Benua Solbert (Alexander Lagoya's Student), with Francis Clegian (Concert Composer)
  • 1976-1983: Guitar teacher for 6 year old students
  • 1985-2004: Teacher at 7 music schools, Santosso - Boudron - Agia Lucia - Vinio of Brittany - Eric - Purple Purple - Kelari. Musical Atelier Animator with a set of guitars. Vocal Laboratory Animator
  • 1984: Music teacher at Vertu College of Saints: A History of Music with a Flame
  • 1975-1983: Teaches guitar and music training in schools in Ile-de-France

Professional Musician:

  • Musical Composition by Michelle Morty - (Singer - Painter - Writer - Composer): Jacques Chancel's "The Great Chessboard" Show, "The Birds of the Night" for Swiss television. Presentation in Olympia in the first part of Isabella Ombre.

Music Activities:

  • Member of SACEM as a composer
  • Recording an album with John William (Tribute to Paul Robeson) and participating in a group of singers, composers, songwriters "Women's Songs"
  • Duet with Philip Dardy (Accordion / guitar)
  • Directing an audiovisual montage for (the story of the accordion)
  • Two years of research, in collaboration with Pierre Monison (Musicologist, author): "The accordion" in the publications "What do I know" and many educational projects
  • This montage is currently on display at the Laville Center in Paris. - Member of the Board of Directors of the "API" Association for the promotion of the Harmony "The last generation of the accordion family"
  • Creator of Spectacles and performances as a music animator - entertainer in a theater business. For Offenbach's "Orpheus in Hell" and for "Carmen Texas "according to Bizet's work. Other performances: "Ballad Cafe" (directed by A. Lembouler) with Philip Dardy on accordion "," In the thread of water "Recital of my songs under my pseudonym Michel Garance with percussion / piano / voice: Durandier
  • Numerous concerts: Fresno Music Week, Laurent Ion Conservatory, C.A.C., Evro, Big Bordeaux
  • Performances: Vitry, San Malo, Fontaine de roses, Capelia Cultural Center located in the church of Erdre, Fonez Theater in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Festival: of Kur Naw, of Mare in Paris, Festival of Berlin. Periods in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Tunisia.