Jiang Xiaoyu

Jiang Xiaoyu, another name is Jiang Xi. He is a famous film director, screenwriter, cultural critic, film critic, music critic, poet, lyricist and talk show host.

He has studied in the Chinese Department of Nanjing University and the Director Department of Beijing Film Academy. Wrote and directed more than 30 screenplays and TV Series films, published more than 40 books, and wrote "Jiang Xiaoyu Wen Ji" 100 volumes. Poem was selected as "Centennial Chinese Literature Classics" . He is praised as one of the most important practitioners and thinkers in contemporary Chinese film and television media industry, "One of the most influential 100 opinion leaders in China" "sharpest talk show host in China".

He is currently the Chairman of the International Cooperation and Exchange Committee of the Chinese Film Criticism Society, Special Contribution Award for Copyright Protection of the State Copyright Administration of the State Council, Cultural News Award of the Ministry of Culture of China and so on.