Artist of many passions and interests, Benoît Lelièvre joined the National Ballet of the Opera de Paris, at the age of 19, then pursued during 11 years a career of international dancer and soloist, that took him to the biggest theaters in the world, where he performed in more than 3000 shows in 27 countries, until his last performance, in New York in 2003.

Rich of this experience, for a couple of years he devoted himself in staging dramatic plays, comedies and musicals (including two operas at the prestigious Palais Garnier in Paris), and wrote and directed his first professional short film in 2005.

For another couple of years, he dedicated himself in writing and directing commercials for the majors advertising companies, where his work, once again is noticed, about 40 commercials, over the 85 he directed, where rewarded in international competitions and festivals.

Returning to fiction and after spending sometime in Los Angeles, he is now heading to China, where he made his latest film, Alice’s Mirror, shot in Shanghai in 2015.

The film is selected in about thirty international festivals and won the best director award, and the jury's favorite prize at the Chinese Cinema Festival in Paris (Festival du Cinéma Chinois de Paris), the best supporting actor at the Los Angeles Asians on Film Festival. , the special mention of the jury at the festival of Marbella (Spain) and best foreign film at the GKGP festival in China.

The film will also be in official competition in New York, Montreal, San Jose and the Shanghai International Film Festival, where it will be noticed.

The same year, Benoît Lelièvre was invited in Beijing by the former Chinese Ministry of Culture and the China Film Group, to join the french delegation in a symposium on cinema, bringing together about fifty professionals from about twenty countries.

Also in 2015, he creates, and co-organizes in Paris, the film festival "Paris-Shanghai".

In 2016 he is invited again in China, in Beijing and Shanghai, to participate in a symposium on cinema and dubbing, where he was made honorary member of the Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support (CCTSS).

The same year, his work is also noticed by the CNC (French National Cinema Center, world leader in funding arthouse movies and documentaries), and joined the commission of « Avance avant réalisation », his functions are to read about 25 screenplay per month, in order to choose in committee those who can benefit from funding, but also to help promising authors in rewriting their project as a tutor (script doctor).

In 2017, he is one of the 3 French artists invited to present his work at the Beijing international exhibition center in Beijing, for the sino-french exhibition "L'Est Éveillé, l’Ouest Émerveillé", where his film « Alice’s Mirror » will be screened more than 130 times.

In 2018, he is the president of the jury of the Golden Orchids, a parallel event taking place during the Cannes film festival showcasing Chinese movies.

And he is the same year in the jury of the Xi’an Road Silk International Film Support Program in China. 

In 2019, he is the master of ceremony of the Beijing Night, a night of prestige held during the Cannes Film Festival by the Beijing International Film Festival to celebrate the friendship between the two majors events, and he is the artistic director of the SPAC (The Parisian Week of the Chinese Authors), that festival will take place in Paris, this coming fall.

He finally shares his knowledge, as a visiting professor and international lecturer, teaching notably the history of media and cinema, at the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, and the business model in Art Films for the Shanghai School of Art and Culture (EAC China), or giving Lectures and Masterclass about storytelling at the Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris, The Nanjing University of the Arts, and during the Cannes Film Festival.

And soon, at the Beijing Film Academy and the Beijing Central Academy Of Drama.

Script doctor, he is also currently helping on the rewriting of two feature films (from France and Hong Kong).

And he is now working on the development of several personal projects of feature films, and one serie which he has just finished to write.

Finally, he will also be the director (the shooting will start in early 2020) of the chinese science fiction feature film “Extreme Space”.