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Two mothers

Original title: DUE MADRI

Fiction | 2022 | Col | 7m


TWO MOTHERS SYNOPSIS The short film Due Madri returns the author's point of view on one of the fundamental junctions of life, the elaboration of mourning as a reinterpretation of the journey lived together by a son and a mother. Or, in the specific case, from a desired, wanted, afro son, and from two adoptive mothers, one of whom will stumble prematurely in the dark, and the other, alone, will witness the boy's becoming a man, and his knowing how to settle the accounts of the child. love and gratitude. On the thread that unravels in flashbacks between past and present, the omen of the only future from which no one can escape is declined with the verses of Emily Dickinson, a lucid glimpse of the last awaited line of shadow beyond which, blinding, already the gleams of the sea flicker.

Director: MATTEO CAR
Type: Fiction
Year of completion: 2022
Country of origin: Italy


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