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A.M.E.A. Another One Hope Alice

Original title: Α.Μ.Ε.Α. Ακόμη Μία Ελπίδα, Αλίκη

Documentary | 2019 | Col | 20m

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The Erotokritos Group, already having a challenging activist film on its assets, with reference to Schinias Beach, is returning very soon with a human-centered activist film. People with disabilities were the first form of our inspiration, after all, the core vision of the group, raising awareness and turning to vulnerable social groups. Summer, sea sun ... A landscape of neglect but not everyone has the right to it. Alice is a young girl with mobility problems. Sad as she is, she wishes she could make this deep-seated thought, a reality: to stand on her feet and swim. Is there any hope for that? Against the backdrop of blue and the setting sun, fantasy fights with reality. Will regret be joyful? Will smile succeed success? To love diversity because diversity is You. And by loving man, life will love you. Continuation on the web screen.

Director: Leonardo Thimo
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2019
Country of origin: Greece

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