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Adolescence Changes in the Coronavirus Environment. How does a teenager react to a claustrophobic pandemic?

Original title: Αλλαγές της Εφηβείας στο Περιβάλλον του Κορωνοϊού. / Πώς αντιδρά ένας έφηβος σε μια κλειστοφοβική κατάσταση πανδημίας;

Documentary | 2021 | Col & B/W | 20m

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You used to be a teenager. You crossed the threshold of childhood and said goodbye, entering a new situation: adolescence.Neither child nor adult. At the most sensitive age, the young people of 2020 experience an unfamiliar and difficult for themselves, reality. Coronavirus and Inclusion. Emotions such as loneliness and frustration are now on the rise. Parents, who are confronted with the gray emotion, are called to play the role of supporter. I'm afraid. You are afraid. We are afraid. We share a common feeling. To shake off the fear I need to feel close, safe. We are humans. Perfectly imperfect. -What will they wish to happen, so that this situation changes? -Love, Acceptance, Calm. -A hug without unnecessary words and an ear of a good listener. Without judging me. Without judging him.

Director: Eleni Anagnostopoulou
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2021
Country of origin: Greece

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