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Τα Λιανοκέρια της Ιστορίας - Ι.Μ. Αγίου Δημητρίου Βαλέτσικο (2022)

Documentary | 2022 | Col | 16m


The historical course and the social contribution of one of the most important monasteries of Thessaly. Seven centuries of Greek history move forward with I.M. Agios Dimitrios "Valetsikos". From the Serbs, to the Turks and from there to the National Rebellion, the Macedonian Struggle, the Occupation and the Civil War to end up in the present. I.M. like another small candle of History, it illuminates the path followed by tested Hellenism over the centuries.

Director: Vlasis Nektarios Matziokas
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2022
Country of origin: Greece

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