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Where the Dreams are Waiting

Original title: Wo die Träume warten

Documentary | 2022 | Col | 29m

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From a young age, Eleni Tsakmaki's life challenged her with great hardships. The dream of a self-determined life was denied to her. At the age of 5 she witnessed cruel NaziGerman occupation. At the age of 17 she is forced into an arranged marriage. At 23, she and her husband come to Germany as so called "guest worker" and have to leave their children behind in Greece. At the age of 54 she discovered writing . In addition to autobiographical texts, plays, children's books and documentaries Eleni Tsakmaki inspires her audience with exhibitions on Greek migration history to Germany.

Born in Erlangen, Germany, Janet Shakil aka Janet Josephine Petrović is a singer, rapper, songwriter, model, studied technology journalist and PR manager. As a child she faceds racisme as the white environment doesn´t respect the black child as a Native German. In her evey day life she still has do deal with it. For "Where the dreams are waiting" she wrote and sang the soundtrack "Flying". Lyrically, she tackles the life-changing journey that connects the two protagonists.

In her new film, filmmaker Uli Bez deliberately sets herself apart from entrenched categories such as "being a stranger" or "belonging". She tells the stories of two very different women who both long for a self-determined life without racism and discrimination. A fascinating film about empathy, tenderness, trust, confidence and resilience.

Director: Uli Bez
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2022
Country of origin: Germany

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