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Chasing Tuna In the Ocean

Documentary | 2022 | Col | 1h 59m


With the intention of spreading Chinese marine culture, this film focuses on the group of Chinese ocean seamen. The panoramic record shows the whole process of Jinghai Group's longline tuna boats, such as "Lu Rongyuan 267" and "Lu Rongyuan 268", going to the Indian Ocean for fishing. Presenting the work, life and mind of ocean crews from cross narrative and multiple perspectives.

Ocean Dream Chasers are the "new force" of China's blue ocean economy, and the builders of China's ocean economy moving towards to deep blue. The film focuses on the group of ocean crews, shows their dream of pursuing a better life, as well as characters of hardworking, brave, tough and responsible.

Director: Jianmin Jing
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2022
Country of origin: China

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