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in a few words...

We are a team consisting of people with love and many years of experience in the documentary, which we hope to attract the interest of the general public in this unique stamping art world civilization of peoples and to highlight Ierapetra, the southernmost town in Europe, which has always been the crossroads of cultures and continents.

The Artistic Director of the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra is Mrs. Helen Vlassi, which is a journalist and filmmaker. He has directed several documentary series and has consistently participated in the documentary of the International Festivals worldwide.

The company “Chrysea” is a Non-profit Company (GSSE), which was established for the purpose of charitable and cultural boundaries events, which of course will contribute to improving the quality of intellectual and cultural life at local, national and international level.

The aim of the company is the continuous evolution and development of the institution, an institution that will impress and excite the world to join the process involved in this terrible experience.

The teams and the juries of the competitive part of the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra consist of people with great career in the documentary, and not only.



Dear Friends,

Pictures and sounds, landscapes and people travelled from all over the world and find welcoming anchorage on the South, in the town of Ierapetra and become scenes and emotions in the cloth.

Prior to the start of the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra, I feel the need to thank all of you who participate both as volunteers and spectators, because together we have achieved the purpose of the Festival, which was to become a permanent international institution of our city and the highlight as the Mediterranean Gateway and Crossroads of cultures and Continents.

That is why the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra is sponsored by several organizations, Municipalities, Universities and the Ministry of culture. Through the Festival, aspire beyond the excellent documentaries that have already confirmed participation, to open our horizons and to paint the Festival with pictures and people from the countries of our common country, called the Mediterranean Sea.

It is around this sea which is the navel of the earth and the cradle of Culture that we travelling with the time-machine in all countries that bathe the Mediterranean, from the beginning of history until today.

But, even so, the festival itself, as an institution with strong presence in cultural events in both Greece and the world, travel towards other parts of our country and the Earth in other hospitable Festivals’ screenings collaborations and side projects scheduled.


Board of Directors

Helen Vlassi



Vice President

Christos Iliopoulos

Legal Adviser

Koulla Spyrou

Secretarial support
General Coordination

Marianna Haita

Member of the Organizational Department

Maria Ziogka

Member of the Organizational Department

Organizational Committee / Technical Support

Yiannis Vlassis

Philippos Vlassis

Yiorgos Balothiaris

Christos Solomos

Tzannetos Komineas

Stelios Hatzikremilis

Koudoumogiannakis Leonidas

Pytikakis Manolis


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