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This year the 4th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra is dedicated to civilization. The purpose of the festival even since it’s own beginning was to document history throughout Greece  and furthermore through the whole world. But what does civilization means? No one can horizontally contain the meaning of the word civilization. Since the dawn of history and until this very day civilization is something that goes on from generation to generation and is being recoded in our DNA; sometimes evolving and sometimes devolving. Each civilization contains specific criteria’s such as principals, ethics, customs, it’s own classical education, culture and specific activities that define human beings in each country. There are other criteria’s that show the identity of each civilization such as the race,  the religion, the language , the ethnicity and the daily life they live. When this identity diffusive’s in many countries civilization becomes something universal. There are civilizations that through the course of history lost a big part of their cultural identity and eventually got lost; on the other side there were some that left many cultural achievments as a universal heritage. The Greek civilization is such an example.

The festival this year will present documentaries focusing on culture, folklore and on the cultural continuation of ethnicities as a archive of cultural history useful for the future. A plan for the next generation to go with. After decades or even centuries someone is going to be able to see in what state were different civilization around the world and see if they have risen or decayed.  The stock of a cultural documentary is that it records the continuation, the continuum of life and its achievements. We as a festival want to add another brick on the wall by showing the Greek cultural identity and the universal occurs.