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2018 - 5th International Documanter Festival of Ierapatra

Panorama of all over the world

Juries 2018

Untitled Document

Preliminary Jury

Helen Vlassi

Artistic Director Of International Festival of Ierapetra, Joyrnalist, Producer, Director, Writer

Kostas Konstantinidis

Film Critic, Member of: Panhellenic Cinema Critics Association and Hellenic Greek Academy

Christos Solomos

Director, Actor


Jin Huaqing (Honorary President)


Yiannis Soldatos (President)

Publisher, Litterateur, Producer, Director, Writer

Christoforos Haralampakis

Professor of Linguistics at the School of Philosophy, Faculty of Philology, Department of Linguistics at the University of Athens

Menos Deliotzakis

Civil Engineer, Director, Head of ERT SA Program Department

Marinella Vlachaki

Litterateur, Actress

Vasiliki Giakoumaki

Social Anthropologist and Teaches in the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Thessaly Dept of History Archaeology, Social Anthropology